LG Optimus 3D gets half price 3D games

Most people can’t even play 3D games at home, let alone on the train – join the 3D revolution

3D. Red and green glasses. Who cares?

3D might have seemed like a fad when it first came out as people complained about wearing glasses. But now with glasses-free screens on mobiles like the HTC EVO 3D and the already released LG Optimus 3D, we can’t help but get excited.

What’s the point of 3D on a phone?

Now Gameloft are giving away games for half-price for the first three months, we’re positively titillated. That means Assassin’s Creed, Spiderman, Asphalt 6 and 14 other titles due out soon.

Ok, I’m interested. Go on

The handset is out now at Carphone Warehouse for free on a £35/month contract and will be on sale nationwide from mid-July.


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