LG G4's new software tricks focus on taking quicker photos and selfies

The South Korean tech giant refuses to slow down with the G4 news ahead of launch day

By now you probably know more about the G4 than you do your own grandmother.

LG has steadily revealed almost everything about the device, from its 16MP f/1.8 camera and brighter, more colourful 2K screen, to its leather-clad body. And now it's shown off a few new software tricks.

The G4's Android skin is officially called UX 4.0, and two of the new features shwon off in the company's latest video are focused on the camera.

You can already hold the volume down button to quickly start up the camera in the G3, but the G4 takes this one step further. A quick double tap on the volume down button instantly takes a shot with the camera, while opening the camera app itself.

It's not ideal for framing the perfect shot, but for spur of the moment scenarios where any shot is better than no shot, it could come in rather handy.

The second camera trick is focused on the front-facing 8MP camera, which borrows the same gesture-initiated selfie found in the G3 and G Flex 2. Forming a fist with your hand starts a countdown, after which you can pout and smirk to your heart's content.

A new selfie feature is the ability to take four shots in quick succession, presumably for goofy, random photo booth-like results. We wouldn't be surprised to see the auto preview feature found on the G Flex 2 either, which involves automatically showing off the selfie you've just taken once you bring the device back down closer to your body.

The last software trick shown off in the video is the ability to customise different ringtones for different callers, so you know who's ringing without having to check your phone. Custom ringtones have been around for years, but the G4 takes things a little further by automatically generating a unique tone for each user, based on their phone number.

It probably won't be a killer feature for most people, but it could still come in useful.

With the G4 launching next week on 28 April, there's almost nothing we don't know about it. We're crossing our fingers for some surprises though, so join us right here, as we cover the event from the front lines.