LG G3 could learn your habits and adapt its behaviour accordingly

According to fresh rumours, the upcoming superphone might have built-in mind reading powers
LG G3 could learn your habits and adapt itself accordingly

The LG G3 could become your best friend, assuming the latest rumours from Phone Arena prove to be true.

Speaking to a source at LG, the site reports that the G3 will launch with "advanced personalisation" features that adapt how the phone works according to how you use it.

The G3 could, for example, shift around its homescreen after analysing your day-to-day habits.

Displaying an alarm app at night would be one example, while a newsfeed with a weather forecast in the morning might be a useful way to start your day. 

All this is theoretically possible. Yahoo's Aviate launcher app already serves up different apps according to the time of day and which apps you use the most, so we could see something similar in the G3. But we're hoping for a little more.

We're always looking up live bus stop arrivals when we're pulling into the station to see if it's worth waiting for the next train or hopping on the bus to work. If the G3 was able to automate that process once it detected its location at the station, that would be most impressive.

While it might sound too good to be true, there's already an Android app called Tasker which lets you create customised automated processes. You can set it up to turn off notifications and GPS once it automatically connects to your work's Wi-Fi network for example - and that's the tip of a very big iceberg.

The source also mentioned location based reminders and recommendations, including calendar and traffic alerts, all of which sound like service already on offer with Google Now.

Whether or not LG will use a modified version of Google Now remains to be seen, but the overall picture that's being built up is an smartphone which could provide the most useful tweaks to stock Android to date.

Throw in yet another confirmation of a 5.5in Quad HD (2560 x 1440) display, and we're very excited indeed.

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