LG DoublePlay brings dual-screens and split keyboard

It might look a bit like the N-Gage, but this text-friendly slide is packing more than just keys

LG's new DoublePlay phone does look a lot like the old N-Gage, but it has a trick or two up its sleeve: this QWERTY slider not only packs a split keyboard but also has a second screen.

The Android 2.3 handset features a 3.5in screen that slides to reveal the split keyboard – housing a second 2in display that can function with or separate to the first

The Nintendo DS made it work, so why not have it on a mobile? The DoublePlay has the power for gaming with a 1GHz Snapdragon processor, as well as packing a 5MP, 720p camera. If your faith in voice control assistants like the iPhone 4S’ Siri wavers and a solid keyboard can’t be beaten in your book, LG is going to make texting a whole lot faster.

[Source: prnewswire.com]


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