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Lenovo Yoga Book could replace every gadget you own

UPDATE: now with hands-on video of the 10in hybrid and its stylus that's also a real pen

Ah, another laptop-that’s-also-a-tablet. Why should I care?

You should care because Lenovo’s Yoga line pretty much wrote the rulebook on how to make really good hybrids. In fact they’re almost good enough to make us give up our MacBooks. No, they haven’t quite managed it yet – stubbornly, we continue to clutch Apple’s world-conquering laptop firmly to our bosom – but the new Yoga Book might just convince us. It pairs an incredibly thin and light chassis with a lovely new hinge mechanism, and a stylus that’s also an actual pen. Oh, and it starts at a very wallet-friendly £449.

A stylus that’s actually a pen? Explain yourself!

Patience, Moleskin-lovers. The unique part of the Yoga Book package is that it comes with Lenovo’s new Real Pen Stylus. As the name suggests, it’s an actual pen – you can use it to write on a paper notepad if you believe all the research that says it helps with memory retention. But thankfully, the Yoga Book’s digital nature means it can also protect you against the downsides of paper, namely its ability to get lost, soak up liquids and generally set on fire quite easily. As long as your notepad isn’t thicker than 10mm, you can place it on top of the laptop’s keyboard, and it will replicate whatever you write/draw – meaning your notes are safe in the cloud. Perfect for when the school bully steals your backpack during playtime.

Do I look like the sort of person who still uses pen and paper? I’m a digital native, fool!