Lenovo stretches the Yoga line with the all-in-one Home 900

No longer limited to convertible laptops, the new Yoga comes home

Lenovo's Yoga line has delivered some impressively slim, shape-shifting laptops in recent years, culminating with yesterday's announcement of the new Yoga 900. But now the brand is dipping its toe into a new space.

The Yoga Home 900 is an all-in-one model designed for your desk... or floor. It's essentially a giant tablet with a kickstand, which can be propped up and paired with a keyboard and mouse for the classic desktop experience. Well, except for the fact that it's a super-sleek touch device.

Or you can hide the kickstand and utilize the Home 900's massive screen real estate - it's a 27in 1080p display - to play around with apps and games. It's ideal as a family tablet, but it can't stay portable for too long: Lenovo says it'll only manage about three hours of battery life untethered from your wall socket.

At least it can be solidly powerful: the Yoga Home 900 runs up to a 5th-gen Broadwell Core i7 processor, and can be equipped with an NVIDIA GeForce 940A graphics card. And it ships with Windows 10 out of the box, of course.

The Yoga Home 900 may not physically convert, but it maintains a similar spirit in its multiple use cases. It starts at €1,499 and will hit the company's online store in December in Europe, although North America gets it this month.