Leica Pinmaster II rangefinder aims to help golfers be less rubbish

Trouble judging distances on the course? This will help. Doesn't mean you'll swing better, though

Leica has teed up a new laser rangefinder for golfers, the Pinmaster II.

Golf is a hard game. You don't know just how hard till you try. Then you practise and feel more confident, and standing on the first tee everything you practised disappears and you shank a ball sideways into the club captain's knee.

Every little helps.

The Leica Pinmaster II has a clearer LED display than the previous incarnation, and can measure up to 825 yards away – far more than you'll ever hit the ball, trust us.

Just one press of a button tells you how far it is to the pin, and the 7x magnification will help you spot any hazards. Sadly, nothing about it will help your swing.

On sale in March for £495.