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Lady Gaga launches Heartbeats 2.0 earphones

Headphones with an edgy design. That can only mean one thing - Lady Gaga and Dr Dre are at it again

As Lady Gaga’s outlandish fashion sense gets more extreme, so have her “self-inspired” Beats by Dr Dre headphones. Called Heartbeats 2.0, the studded buds are smaller and lighter than her previous triangular earpieces and have been inspired by the pop strumpet’s unyielding need to attach studs to varying outfits. Monster promises passive noise cancellation, awesome clarity and the kind of deep bass that can be turned to deafening levels without distortion, thanks to high-efficiency drivers. Throw in the tangle-free cable like the one found on the Powerbeats and ControlTalk for iPhone chatter and you’re looking at another audio triumph for Monster.

No word as to when they’ll hit the shelves, but when they do they’ll set you back £130 in either black and grey, white and gold, or red. Judging by the circular stud protruding from the back, we’d recommend exercising the utmost care when inserting them in your lugholes. They look like an accident waiting to happen.


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