Ker-ching: You can now attach money to your Gmail messages

Google Wallet users in the UK can now send funds via email, even if the recipient isn’t a Gmail user
Ker-ching: You can now attach money to your Gmail messages

Attention, UK-based users of Gmail: you can now send your friends and family money by simply attaching it to a message.

That’s right, instead of using bank transfers or, you know, physically sending someone a cheque in the post (who does that in 2015?), you now have the option of pinging real (albeit digital) funds via email. And it doesn’t cost a penny in fees.

Google launched the ability to send money via Gmail back in May of 2013 – but only in the US. Almost two years on and it’s finally arrived here in the UK. The requirements are a Gmail account (for the sender – the recipient doesn’t need one), Google Wallet accounts for both the sender and recipient, and that the users are over 18 years old.

A Google Wallet account can be swiftly linked to your debit card or bank account so that money flows in and out without you needing to fuss around by transferring funds back and forth.

Google says the feature will roll out to all UK Gmail users in the coming weeks.

[Source: Google Commerce blog]

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