Just because they could – steampunk Portal gun

Ever wondered what a Victorian Portal gun would look like? Wonder no more, our curious friend...

The Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device (or Portable Quantum Tunnelling Device, to give it its original scientific name) has firmly placed itself among our favourite pieces of imaginary tech.

We already announced that an official replica of Valve's Portal gun will be hitting our shelves later this year, and now Deviant Art user batman-n-bananas has created a homemade steampunk Portal gun guaranteed to make even the hardiest of geeks and gamers drool with nerd-lust.

Crafted out of a combination of plumbing parts, light bulbs, nuts, bolts and a cascade of glue, the steampunk Portal gun adds a certain classy old-world charm to Valve's legendary creation.

Sadly this is a one-off piece, but you can still pre-order the Original replica for £100 from It's slated to be out on May 15th, after which you can glue as many cogs, springs and pocket watches to it as your steampunk heart desires while scoffing down some well-deserved cake.

Feel free to also check out our 5 of the best movie prop replicas feature for some more wallet-tempting options.

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