Just because they could – Scosche’s radiation detector for iPhone

Safety zealot? You might want to check out this unusual iPhone accessory…

The iPhone is probably the most accessorised gadget in history, with hundreds of docks, camera add-ons and cases available to adorn your precious device with protection and extra functionality.

Scosche is no stranger to iPhone accessories and its recent radiation detector add-on will be extremely useful for paranoid iDevice owners with a morbid fear of radiation poisoning.

The wand-like device allows your iPhone to display radiation levels in a number of ways including real-time updates and average levels. You can even set an alarm to go off when levels reach a critical amount, though we assume at that point it’s too late any way.

The RDTX radiation detector will initially be available in Japan from next month, although there is no word on UK pricing or release details as of yet. Looks like tin-foil hats and goggles for the time being for us Brits then.


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