Just because they could – 3D printed robotic dinosaurs

Yes you read that right. And yes they're life-size. Making models just got cool again.

Studying dinosaurs has never been top of our awesome jobs list (too many fossils and bones, not enough watching Jurassic Park) – until now. Dino boffins at Drexel University in the States have started using 3D printers to make massive replicas of everyone's favourite ancient beasts by scanning real-life dinosaur bones as a guide.

Once they've been scanned in and pieced together, the 3D virtual T-Rex can be printed out as a handheld toy (we mean educational model) or a gigantic museum display.

The paleontologists also have robotic dinosaurs in their sights – printing and building these would allow the scientists to study more carefully how dinosaurs moved around and what posture they might have had. Sounds like a good enough excuse to us.

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