John Lewis and LG team up for webOS-equipped smart TV range, and it looks lovely

49in, 55in and 60in models coming with apps, integrated Skype camera and more
John Lewis and LG team up for webOS-equipped smart TV range

John Lewis? I might go there to buy a telly – but I wouldn’t expect to see its own logo slapped on oneWell, never fear. John Lewis hasn’t simply glued its badge to a cheap Chinese goggle box. The retailer’s new JL9000 range of LED TVs has been manufactured by LG – and really looks the part.

The design’s something else…That it is – all sleek, clean, angular lines. There’s cleverness mixed in with that elegance, too: a 50W soundbar has been integrated into the stand. And that’ll team up with the built-in subwoofer to deliver much beefier audio than most flat TVs – or at least that’s what John Lewis claims.

John Lewis and LG team up for webOS-equipped smart TV range

Does LG’s smart TV platform make an appearance?It certainly does. The JL9000 comes with the same webOS-based platform that you’d find on recent LG smart TVs, as well as a Magic remote for easy control of it all. Apps include Now TV, BBC iPlayer, Netflix, YouTube, Skype, Demand5, Twitter and Facebook.

Did you say Skype?Yes, and there’s a built-in 8MP camera for calls.

What else has LG given the TVs?Well, there’s an intuitive programme guide that puts both broadcast and on-demand content front and centre alongside apps, games and rentable films. And it’s also a passive 3D set, coming with a couple of pairs of glasses.

When are they on sale?
Right now, starting at £1,400.

Correction: This article originally suggested the JL9000 range came with a separate subwoofer. The subwoofer is in fact built into the TV.