Jobsworth iPhone app tells you if you're being paid enough

You'll be able to wield this wage comparison app at stingy employers from January

If you think you're not getting paid enough and you've got two minutes to spare, keep one eye on the App Store next month – the Jobsworth app should clear up your wage quibbles once and for all. 

Enter your job sector, any required education and training and your main responsibilities rather than just a job title and Jobsworth will pull out the relevant wage from its massive database.

The developers FedEE (the Federation of European Employers) have talked exclusively to Stuff about the upcoming salary comparison app which is a simplified version of FedEE's online JEAPS tool. Paid-up members of the site have been checking how much people in similar jobs are earning across Europe for the last seven years.

The Jobsworth app is set to land on the App Store for iPhone and iPod Touch in the second half of January, priced at 59p for the UK and Ireland with full access to pay info across Europe costing a heftier £50. FedEE is planning apps for other mobile platforms after Jobsworth no doubt takes iOS by storm – so before long your horrible bosses will have nowhere to hide.

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