iPhone 7 Plus premium edition could feature two rear cameras

The iRumour Mill really is having fun today

Rumours of an iPhone with dual rear cameras have floated around for quite some time.

A few weeks ago, we reported on an Apple patent which describes how a dual camera system for iOS devices could improve people’s shots.

The patent outlines how one lens could have a much deeper focal depth, allowing users to zoom in without being greeted by a noisy, pixellated mess, as well as having the ability to capture regular and slow-motion footage simultaneously.

The reason we’re bringing all of this up again, is because more recent information also suggests that we’ll be seeing a new iPhone with a dual camera set-up.

KGI Securities analyst Ming-Choi Kuo reports that the iPhone 7 will land with two rear cameras, with the iPhone 7 Plus also having the benefit of 2-3x optical zoom.

Confusingly however, not all iPhone 7 models will, according to the report, have the two-camera system. The standard 4.7in iPhone 7 will stick to a single rear camera, while only specific ‘premium’ versions of the iPhone 7 Plus will have the benefit of two rear lenses.

This sounds incredibly convoluted and rather un-Applesque to us, but given Apple’s purchase of Linx - a multiple lens camera tech company - last year, the likelihood of a dual-camera iPhone in some shape or form, at some point in time, is fairly likely.

[via 9to5 Mac]