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iPhone 6C might not happen after all

One source claims there'll be only two new iPhones coming in September, not three

Remember how excited we all got when it looked like Apple might be bringing back both plastic bodies and 4in screens via an iPhone 6C? Well, this is one comeback that might not be happening.

A marketing firm claims it has seen testing data for just two new iPhones, which strongly suggests that an iPhone 6C launch is not imminent.

The firm, Fisku, had access to data that shows identifiers for models in testing. Its logs recently showed two new iPhones, which showed up as “iphone8,1” and “iphone8,2” – most likely codenames for the upcoming iPhone 6s (or 7, depending on Apple’s choice of moniker) and the iPhone 6s Plus (or 7 Plus).

Perhaps the phone might be released at a much later date, but so far it looks like Apple will stick to launching just two models for the moment. Parade, consider yourself well and truly rained on. You can read up on everything we know (and everything we think we know) about the iPhone 6s in our in-depth preview here.

[Source: Mac Rumors]