iPhone 5 to get 4.6in Retina Display

Is Apple working on a supersized iPhone to launch this June? These fresh new rumours say so

It's time to play the iPhone 5 screen size guessing game again, kids. Bets so far have been placed on 4in, 4.2in and 4.3in handsets but Reuters is reporting a wildcard this week, citing sources in the South Korean Maeil Business Newspaper that suggest we should be getting in a tizz about a 4.6in Retina Display. The next iPhone could also house the A5X chip that's in Apple's new iPad.

Anyone who has had a play with the new titans of smartphones, like the Samsung Galaxy Note and the LG Optimus Vu, might be looking forlornly at their iPhone 4 or 4S' 3.5in screen by now.

So it's lucky then that the inside man in South Korea also reckons we're looking at a Q2 launch and we have a sneaky suspicion this means a June announcement. That'll no doubt annoy anyone who's recently snapped up an iPhone 4S but we're sure the trade-ins will be swift and painless.

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