iPhone 5 to arrive with Steve Jobs approved design

With all the Galaxy S3 hype, not one, not two but three Apple insiders have found the time to leak details of Steve Jobs' involvement with the next iPhone

Just in case we'd forgotten that an iPhone 5 launch could be less than a month away amidst all those millions of Samsung Galaxy S3 pre-orders, here's an Apple leak to tempt us away from what looks set to be the best Android phone on the planet.

Bloomberg has been making friends with anonymous Apple workers who've suddenly felt the urge to spill details of the iPhone 5 design. Not only have these tipsters said that Steve Jobs was closely involved in the finishing touches of the next-gen iPhone's design, they've also confirmed what we've been hoping for – the display will be bigger than the current 3.5in screen on the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S.

The sources say that Apple's been working on the iPhone 5 since before the iPhone 4S announcement and that Jobs played a key role in developing the role despite his medical leave.

So can we expect another near-perfect design with no detail left unpolished? In the meantime we'll distract ourselves with these non too shabby-looking efforts from HTC and Samsung.

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