iPhone 5 and iPad Mini samples get caught on camera

Roll up roll up, the latest reported snaps of the iPhone 5 have made their way onto the interwebs once again, with an iPad Mini to boot

Photos allegedly showing engineering samples of the iPhone 5 and rumoured iPad Mini have made their way onto the internet, courtesy of Gotta Be Mobile's "trusted source" in Apple's supply chain.

The approximately 12cm iPhone 5 sample supports the rumours of a 4in screen as well as a centralised rear camera and a unibody construction.

The iPad Mini sample on the other hand appears to line up nicely with the rumours of a 7in screen and thinner body, thanks to a reportedly less-bulky Sharp display.

The engineering sample also supports the theory that a newer, smaller Apple dock connector is in the works and the speakers on the rear of the iPad have moved to alleviate hand muffling issues.

Just how authentic these samples are remains to be seen, but a 4in iPhone 5 and 7in iPad Mini are by no means the craziest titbits to have left the Apple rumour mill – so stay tuned for more info as and when we get it.

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[Gotta Be Mobile via Pocket Lint]

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