iPhone 4S Siri video shows Raise To Talk feature

As if telling your iPhone what to do wasn't enough, Siri will even work by simply being picked up.

Siri is the most exciting thing about Apple’s new iPhone 4S, coming out this Friday. We've already had a play with it and discovered – as you can see in our Siri hands-on video – that this talk to control lark really does work.

The excitement about Siri is growing and could spark a revolution.

All this happened even before the below video of an iPhone 4S running Siri leaked, revealing a Raise To Speak option.

Much like the nifty way HTC Sense lets you simply turn the phone face down to hang up, Siri can be activated and hanging on your every word as you pick the iPhone 4S up (presumably using a combination of light and accelerometer sensors).

Very exciting indeed. Coupled with a speed test revealing performance speeds double that of the iPhone 4, you can expect great things when Apple releases the Phone 4S on Friday 14 October.

[Source: Gizmodo]


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