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The iPhone 14 selfie camera could get its biggest upgrade in years

Separating the ripe from the rotten Apple leaks

Another day, another batch of fresh Apple iPhone 14 leaks – though in this case, some are clearly more believable than others.

First up we have noted Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of TF International Securities. In a recent post to Medium, he shares his latest prediction for this year’s iPhone 14 specs, positing that the iPhone 14 selfie camera will get the biggest upgrade since the iPhone 11.

Specifically, Kuo goes on record as saying that Apple will switch to an auto-focus (AF) solution for the 2022 iPhone’s secondary camera, moving away from the fixed-focus (FF) selfie cam tech found on the iPhone 13.

In addition, it’ll get a 6P lens instead of a 5P one, and enjoy a brighter f/1.9 aperture. The main sensor will once again be supplied by Sony, with no indication whether or not it will be specified any different to current 12MP module.

Even if that stays the same, it would be a clear indication Apple is viewing the iPhone 14 selfie camera as an increasingly essential video conferencing tool, as well as just good for pouty Insta photos and silly dances.

All of this is if Kuo’s claims turn out to be accurate, of course. He has a long track record of Apple tips, and while he definitely can’t claim a 100% success rate, his place an analyst with knowledge of the all-important Asian supply chain does mean he enjoys a certain amount of gravitas.

We say that because plenty of the iPhone 14 ‘leaks’ doing the rounds today aren’t really worth reporting – at least not seriously.

Illustrating the more spurious nature of some online tech gossip, self-proclaimed ‘social media influencer’ iHacktu ileaks recently attracted criticism on Twitter for vague claims that the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max are getting a major performance boost.

The claims generated plenty of debate amongst the online mobile tipster community, but while interesting to note, just don’t command the same degree of consideration.

It’s why we always vet the leaks we report carefully, and caveat them exhaustively – both in news articles like this, and round-ups like our guide to the Apple Watch Series 8.

We love getting the inside scoop as much as anyone, though it’s important not to have your gadget purchase decisions unduly influenced by dodgy crystal ball gazing.