iPad 3 J1 and J2 Retina Display versions spotted

Apple might be keeping us waiting for its new tablet, but that’s because it’s a perfectionist

Apple is holding off on releasing its iPad 3 – and it looks like the reason may be because it's working on two new versions of its Retina Display. According to a a source quoted by Digitimes, Apple is working on Retina Displays code-named J1 and J2.

The rumoured March 2012 release of the iPad 3 seems accurate with reports of Apple shopping for the display recently, and news of Apple testing both the J1 and J2 displays as options for a final single device. One of these devices uses the dual light-bar LED – reported to mean a thicker iPad 3 – while the other uses a single light-bar with dual LED chips. Apple must be weighing up, literally, if size is more important than the crazy high definition Retina Display expected on the iPad 3.

The iPad 3 could well be rocking a true next-generation Retina Display – but is Apple falling behind when the Mirasol Kyobo is already playing video on its colour E Ink display? We’ll reserve our judgement until March.

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