Icon – Nixon Rubber Murf

Nixon's new retro watch might sound like a rugby team initiation but don't let that scare you off

Just what my Jensen Interceptor's been looking for.

You're right – your classic 60s automobile could do a lot worse than this newly rubberised version of Nixon's watch, the Murf. The hours and minutes are displayed on the lower part of the square watchface – from 3pm to 9pm – as the crown and integrated light pusher take up the top half.

So I'm paying for half a watch?

Not quite, you're paying for one gloriously retro watch with mod-style fonts, stainless steel case and injected silicone strap. And if you need some variety to match your collection of wildly hued motors, the Rubber Murf comes in All White, All Black, Matte Black/ Dark Tortoise and er, Shocking Pink.

Telling the time won't be painful will it?

That's what the red, time telling line in the centre of the watchface is for – another nice old-school touch. And the Rubber Murf is at the reasonable end of Nixon's prices at £230 – so it shouldn't hurt the wallet too much either.

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