Icon – MG Icon SUV

MG mashes up retro design with futuristic touches for its new micro-SUV concept car

MG? They just make saloon cars now, right?

That may have been true for the last couple of years – but the company's Chinese owner Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation is looking to push the brand into the 21st century. That means they're coming up with out-there designs like this micro-SUV crossover concept, which is appearing at the Auto China 2012 Show in Beijing.

It looks pretty nice – and oddly familiar

That'll be because MG's looking back to the company's past for inspiration, taking design cues from the 1965 MGB GT roadster – though it's added a few futuristic touches too, like rear-hinged "suicide" doors and vertical running lights that flow out of the car's bumper.

What's under the hood? It had better be sporty

The MG Icon's based on the Chinese Roewe 350 and MG5 platforms, with a new 1.5-litre turbocharged four-cylinder engine built by MG's parent company SAIC. Expect to see a production car based on the Icon concept hitting the streets of China in 2014, with a UK version likely to follow a year later.

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