Huawei stepping into Galaxy Note 5-shaped void with stylus-toting phablet

Bummed that the Samsung Note 5 isn't coming to the UK? Huawei may be offering an alternative

Samsung hasn't launched its stylus-equipped Galaxy Note 5 phablet here in the UK - decision which, given the product line's oft-touted (by Samsung) success, left a lot of people scratching their heads. Where's the love for the stylus-using crowd, eh?

Well, even if Samsung has decided Brits don't deserve a stylused phone, Huawei may have other plans. The Chinese company is rumoured to be in the process of developing a phablet that, yes, comes with a stylus.

It is reported that Huawei had been searching high and low for a stylus manufacturer that can provide the type of smart functionality able to compete with Samsung’s S-Pen; it is also alleged that this search is over. Apparently, the new phablet will also be using “palm rejection” technology which ignore the touch from your hands/palms when the stylus is on the display or within the proximity of the display.

There is a huge (and growing) market for phablets, including those that utilise a stylus, which may be why Huawei has chosen to plough this new furrow. Of course, there's a chance that the company may reveal a stylus-equipped phablet but not launch it in the UK. The gadget gods giveth, and the gadget gods taketh away...

[Source: GSMArena]