Huawei-Discovery Expedition phone announced

Lovers of the outdoors and potentially phone destroying activities, Huawei and the Discovery Channel have you covered

As Huawei handsets like the Blaze and Honor take the UK by storm, another tougher mobile has been unveiled to join the influx. Huawei has joined up with the Discovery Communications (the business end of the Discovery Channel) to create the water-resistant, dustproof, anti-shock tough phone called the Huawei-Discovery Expedition. And it’s the first of a whole new line of tough phones.

This seminal release will come toting GPS functionality, a torch, a compass and G-sensor for a total outdoor-ready bit of kit. Now they just need to team up with Victorinox Swiss Army Knives and it’ll be perfect. Gadget-wise the handset comes with a very basic (and frankly a bit useless) 2MP snapper and a (far more useful) Gorilla Glass 2in display that can manage 320x240px resolution – let’s hope it’s nice and bright for those sunny days outside. The phone is due for a worldwide release (with no pricing mentioned) just before Christmas.


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