HTC won't bundle Beats headphones with all new handsets

Banking on bagging a bassy pair of Beats with your next HTC phone? Bad luck

So you like bass. Enough to buy a smartphone for? Take a minute to mull that one over.

HTC has told CNET it reckons we don't choose a smartphone based on the bundled 'phones (or any other accessory), even if they are of the Beats variety. So there won't be many more handset releases that come with free, bundled Beats earphones.

Since HTC did invest a massive US$300m in buying half of Beats Electronics, we can still expect next-gen HTC handsets to pack Beats Audio tech inside – as we saw with the new king of Android, the HTC One X. It's just likely that instead of the red and black Beats earphones that Sensation XE buyers were treated to, you'll get HTC branded in-ears in the box. We can live with that. Can you?

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