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HTC One 2 (M8): dual rear cameras for Lytro-like refocusing confirmed

The clearest leak of the HTC One successor yet shows off two cameras and a dual LED flash

The HTC One 2’s rear has leaked online like a candid celebrity spy shot, and it clearly shows off two cameras.

Tweeted by @htcfamily_ru, the photo confirms previous rumours of a dual camera system, which could point to Lytro-like refocusing of image subjects after shots have been taken.

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It’s unclear whether HTC is sticking to its ‘less is more’ approach to megapixels – the current One includes a so-called 4MP ‘UltraPixel’ camera which uses fewer, bigger pixels than rivals that each gather more light and thus deliver improved low-light performance. In our HTC One review we weren’t completely convinced by UltraPixel technology, at least at 4MP resolution, so here’s hoping a higher-resolution compromise has been reached.

A dual LED flash is also clearly visible, which points to potentially better flash photo credentials. Unlike the iPhone 5s’ dual True Tone flash which has one white and one amber LED for improved colour reproduction, in this picture both of the HTC One 2’s LEDs appear to be white.

HTC One 2 (M8): dual rear cameras confirmed

The HTC One 2 appears to be almost identical in design to the current One, with solid aluminium construction and polycarbonate details, although it does appear to have slightly rounder, curvier edges.

A second leaked outline photo of the front of the One 2 also confirms previous rumours of on-screen buttons, but without the dimensions, it’s impossible to say whether or not HTC has managed to cram in a larger 5in screen while keeping the overall size of the device the same.

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[@htcfamily_ru via The Verge]

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