HTC adds eight smartphones to the cavalry

HTC ensures it has all areas covered by planning a mobile phone overload

As if HTC doesn't have enough smartphones in its stable, the Taiwanese company is ready to unleash a barrage of eight – yes, eight! – new handsets into the smartphone arena. So if you struggle while trying to distinguish your S from your Z to your HD, expect everything to get just that little bit more complicated.

Head honcho Peter Chou confirmed the company is releasing between six and eight brand spanking new smartphones in Q3 of this year. You can expect the new releases to be of the middle-to-high-end variety, as there are no plans to launch any budget blowers. We suspect the majority of the new releases will be running Android, but with Windows Phone Mango just around the corner, we have a hunch HTC will be giving a few of its handsets the Windows treatment, too.

We just can't wait to find out what bizarre phone names HTC is going to pull out of the bag this time round. Any ideas?


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