How to survive the recession, gadget style

Ok kids, there's no escaping it – the recession is here. And it's not going to be pretty, especially for those of us with a habit for expensive

Sell your old kit for cash

If you can't quit your first–adopting ways, then maybe it's time to start shifting your old kit. It's only cluttering up the spare room anyway. Ebay is a classic way to get rid of your stuff, but Amazon Marketplace, while taking a cut of proceedings, is a more straightforward approach. Remember too, to recycle your old phone. Most networks will give you a cash incentive to hand over last year's cell and will quote you a price depending on the model.

Swap your old stuff

If you'd rather get a gadget in return for your old blower or telly, head over to one of the myriad free swap and sale sites. Freecycle let's you get old goodies for nothing, but it's frowned upon if you don't put something up for grabs too. It's how things were before trust broke down a few years back. On top of that, you'll feel smug knowing you haven't chucked an old favourite into landfill.

If you have to buy, buy reconditioned

Many companies recondition previously shonky goods and sell them on, with a guarantee, for knockdown prices. Apple, not synonymous with cheap stuff, has a particularly good refurb store, offering Macs and iPods for less. Recent sales include a white 2GB RAM, 160 GB MacBook for £600 and an 80GB iPod Classic for £115. The likes of Dell do the same, so scout around for the right deal for you.

Enter competitions

Ok, the odds are long, but why pay for the latest and greatest tech when you can enter a competition for nowt? And who knows, you might just win. For a taster, might we suggest you head over to our Win section right now and try your luck.

Fill in online questionnaires for rewards

Once you've entered as many comps as you can, start answering questionnaires and get yourself a chance of winning loads of cool new tech. offers a neat centre for all the questionnaires going on the web right now. Ok, the best one right now is for a DVD recorder, but seeing as going out costs, you'll be watching a lot more TV in the next year.

Got any more tips? Then head over to our dedicated forum thread and share your ideas now! And take a look at our features on the best free netbook deals and the budget services to beat the credit crunch. Plus, don't forget Carphone Warehouse's new £5 mobile.