House of Marley speaker docks to satisfy our souls in early 2012

Shake off those headphones and proclaim your love of Marley to the world

Consider yourself a devoted reggae fan but find gadget accessorising impossible? We've had word on the Bob-vine that House of Marley's three collections of eco-friendly speaker docks might be joining their headphone counterparts here on UK shores in the first half of 2012.

The standard speaker dock in the range hooks up with your iPod/iPhone and has two 25W woofers on board – of course, it's named Get Up Stand Up.

The One Foundation dock, made from eco-friendly wood and with AirPlay wireless streaming, is going for $599 (£360) in the US but you can look forward to a smaller slice of that Jamaican vibe with the portable, plug-in Djembe Jammin' Speaker for around £30 ($49).


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