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Holy FXXK! Ferrari’s latest 1035bhp monster is too powerful for the road

The Ferrari FXXK is the latest hybrid racetrack-devourer from Maranello and its performance figures are as shocking as its expletive nameplate would suggest

Have the guys at Maranello gone completely mad?
If you’re referring to the insane performance figures, then yes, they have gone a little bit bonkers. But if this is a sly dig at the unfortunate name, the answer is no. The XX bit is a designation Ferrari reserves for extreme models, like the beefed-up Enzo-based FXX of 2005. The unfortunate ‘K’ part refers to the Kinetic Energy Recovery System that helps the latest model achieve warp speeds.

Just how fast is this thing?
The ‘standard’ LaFerrari pumps out a mind-altering 938bhp but the FXXK squeezes even more power from the ferocious 6.3-litre V12 engine, so it now produces 848bhp, while an electric motor chips in an additional 187bhp. Say hello to 1035bhp, over 664lb ft torque and a claimed 0-62mph acceleration figure of around the 2.5 second mark.

Ferrari FXXK

Surely that sort of power is completely wasted on public roads…
This is one Ferrari you won’t see blasting up and down the King’s Road; many of its major components have been overhauled for track use only. To get all geeky on you, the intakes have been redesigned, camshafts overhauled and most importantly, any shred of exhaust muffler has been deleted. That means it will be earth-shatteringly loud and an MOT tester’s worst nightmare.

Why has someone stolen part of the rear spoiler?
That must be the new aero package you’re referring to. The things on the back are GT-inspired wings that work in conjunction with the retractable spoiler to either add downforce through corners and under braking or make the car slipperier on the straights. There is also a glut of carbon fibre diffusers, wings and lips that make the FXXK practically impossible to park in your local superstore.

Ferrari FXXK

Has the on-board tech also been tweaked?
Yes: engineers have overhauled the hybrid KERS system and changed the selectable driving modes to reflect its racing status. Qualify gives the driver access to unlimited power for a limited number of laps, Long Run eases off a bit and gives consistent performance over longer periods, Manual Boost gives instant maximum torque delivery for overtaking manoeuvres and Fast Charge rapidly charges the on-board lithium-ion batteries. It’s clever stuff; but don’t expect Apple CarPlay to be mated to a fancy touchscreen inside, it’s all performance fettling knobs and dials.

I might win the National Lottery on Saturday, how do I buy one?
Erm, you don’t. Ferrari is yet to announce pricing or the number of FXXKs it plans to gift the world. Rumour has it, all models are already accounted for and they cost the well-heeled customers £2m a pop. You might want to buy an extra lottery ticket.

[Source: Autocar]

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