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Handpresso Auto in-car espresso machine keeps you alert at the wheel

Who needs to pull in to a service station when you can make a cuppa in the car?

Until now, the road-bound coffee drinker faced bleak options: a leaky flask prone to releasing jets of caffeinated magma into your lap, or the purgatorial gloom of a motorway service station. With the launch of Handpresso’s in-car espresso maker, your mid-trip recaffeination mission need never again be blighted by a poorly-designed lid or the thought of having to speak to someone at Leigh Delamere services.

The Handpress Auto connects to your car, lorry or caravan via a standard 12v cigarette lighter socket so only the oldest or weirdest vehicles are excluded from mobile refreshment. Once loaded with a coffee cartridge and cold water, you press a button and wait for three beeps to announce the completion of your hot beverage.

Weighing 880g, it’s not the lightest in-car gadget but you can’t complain when it sits perfectly in your average cup holder and is able to make creamy espresso thanks to the boosted 16-bar pressure.

While far more expensive than that leaky flask – the Handpresso Auto costs £140 – you’ll probably save thousands over the years simply by avoiding motorway services and their extortionate prices.

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