Graava is a GoPro alternative for those who want less video editing hassle

Intelligent algorithm picks out the best footage to create highlight reel

If you’ve decided the action camera for you can only be a GoPro, the new Graava wants to change your mind. Rather than merely film a lot of footage, the latter creates a highlight reel from everything that's been captured.

The Graava is Bluetooth- and Wi-Fi-enabled with sensors aplenty: GPS, accelerometer, light and gyro sensors and an audio recorder. It uses all the data it sucks up to determine what it thinks were your most memorable moments. If, say, your heart rate increases (the camera syncs to Apple Watch to capture heart rate) or something moves fast in front of your camera, the camera will pick up on that.

Your automatically-created highlight reel can have custom lengths - 30 seconds, five minutes and so on.

Graava's algorithm-based cleverness basically saves you the hassle of having to go through hours of footage, selecting, editing and then exporting it. Naturally, you'll still have all the unedited footage if you do feel like doing it yourself. But it's not quite perfect yet, as the device's design is still going through some tweaks. It's also only water-resistant and not fully waterproof, which gives the GoPro an edge for the more active set. But the Graava can be repurposed as a baby monitor or home security thanks to the sensors it possesses.

You may remember the TomTom Bandit, announced back in April of this year and on sale now, as an action camera with similar sensor-based automatic editing skills. So the Graava isn't exactly a brand new concept - even if we don't yet know which of the two cams does a better job of determining which bits of footage are actually exciting.

One advantage the Graava does have over the £380 Bandit, however, is price: you can preorder one for the promotional price of US$249 (which converts to £160) before 1st Sept, after which it will cost US$399 (£250).

[Source: Fast Company]