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Google’s augmented reality Ingress game now lets you play and create custom missions

Spice up your commute by capturing virtual portals on the way to the office

Ingress is an augmented reality game which lets you choose between two factions – the Enlightened and the Resistance – who battle to control territories marked by ‘portals’, and it’s just been updated with missions.

The portals themselves are normally monuments, sculptures or other public areas of interest, and you’ll have to walk around to hack the opposition’s portals and claim them as your own.

Missions can now be created by experienced players, although the functionality will be opened up to players over level five in the future.

The update adds a new purpose for players, especially those who are either new to the Ingress world or players looking for something new. 

Each mission is essentially walking tour with objective and puzzles to solve, with medal rewards at the end. Other users can also rate missions to stop you wasting precious calories walking around for ones that aren’t worth it.

It looks like a fun way for Ingress users frustrated with slow levelling times or solo players just starting out. Levelling up is achieved by capturing portals or attacking enemy portals, and at low levels it’s harder to collect points unless you’re in an Ingress territory with plenty of people to help weaken portals for you.

Ingress was created by Niantic Labs and published by Google in 2012, and it’s gone on long enough to spawn clubs and websites dedicated to it.

The game’s support has matched its popularity too, as regular update and information is fed to players by the developers through mission briefings and updates, helping make the game a lot more immersive. 

If you fancy jumping in yourself then you can download it from the Google Play Store, though iOS users will have to wait a while until it lands on their iDevices.

[via Engadget]

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