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Google swarms search results with Zerg Rush

Those wacky Googlers are at it again, with an entertaining new mini-game for Starcraft fans

Google’s getting more ambitious with its in-jokes, having previously created a playable Pac-Man Google Doodle and inviting searchers to “do a barrel roll.”

The big G’s outdone itself with its latest effort, though – type “zerg rush” into Google and you’re treated to a Starcraft-inspired mini-game in which Google “O”s swarm and devour your search results. Click on the Os to zap them, and a counter will clock up your actions per minute.

Defeat’s inevitable, though – the rampaging Os will eventually devour your screen and arrange themselves into a “GG” – gamer-speak for “good game.” Whereupon you can share your score on Google+ – so what are you waiting for? Oblivion awaits.

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