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Google Project Glass will feature bone conduction audio

Another piece in the most exciting gadget puzzle of the year has fallen into place, right on your skull

We reported a few weeks ago that Google put in a patent for bone conduction glasses, and now it’s been approved for use with Project Glass by the FCC.

Project Glass will feature bone conduction, which uses vibrations to transmit sounds directly into the skull, like the Panasonic RP-BTGS10 headphones we saw at CES. The great thing about this, other than looks while wearing Google’s revolutionary Glass all day, is your ears remain clear to allow ambient noise in. A great way to avoid honking cars as you step off curbs already distracted by the augmented reality display. So now all you need to worry about is surviving the wait until they’re commerically released in 2014 – oh, and the US$1500 pricetag.

[via Telegraph]

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