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Google is making a major change to your Fitbit that will bring new features

AI is coming to your Fitbit to help you get a better sense of your health with a bunch of newfangled features


AI seems to be everywhere these days. And now it’s headed to your fitness tracker as well. Google is planning to roll out some new AI-powered Fitbit features that will introduce some major changes. The big idea? To help you get a better sense of your health.

Google is looking to sprinkle some AI fairy dust on your Fitbit, turning it into a wellness expert. Fitbit Premium subscribers are in for a treat! They’ll soon get to play around with experimental AI features that sound like they’ve been pulled straight out of a sci-fi flick. The biggest addition here is going to be the ability to chat with a fitness chatbot, akin to ChatGPT.

Chatting with AI Fitbit

Imagine chatting away with your Fitbit, asking it deep, meaningful questions about your health data. It can handle things like “Is there a link between my midnight snack raids and my sudden urge to nap at 3 PM?” or “Can you show me a chart of how my sofa marathon sessions are impacting my sleep quality?” This sort of heart-to-heart with your fitness tracker is right around the corner. It’s set to make its debut to select Android users that are part of the Fitbit Labs program.

Fitbit is also joining forces with Google’s Research team to whip up a large language model (LLM). This isn’t your garden-variety AI – we’re talking about a digital brainchild fuelled by data from both Fitbit and Pixel devices. The goal? To offer personalized coaching straight out of your wrist’s future. From spotting your wonky sleep patterns to tweaking your workout intensity, Google’s Fitbit is on a mission to be your personal health guru. The AI is being fine-tuned using de-identified data from what must be the healthiest guinea pigs ever volunteered for “research case studies.”

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