Google+ Hangouts gets six new apps

Play poker, share presentations and stick 'taches on each other. Yeah Google just a regular hanging out sesh

If you've not jumped on the Google+ bandwagon yet, it might be time to dip in another toe. Since September, developers have been busying away by the light of a Galaxy Nexus working on apps for the Hangouts video chat feature.

There's six new apps available from today and there's a nice mix of apps for work and playtime. +Slideshare lets you view presentations while you also check out the speaker on their webcam, which could be a great way to oust Skype from the casual work-related video call arena. And we like the sound of +Cacoo which lets you make diagrams and collaborate on work while video chatting – maybe this one could succeed where Google Wave died?

Then there's +Scoot & Doodle where you can draw and colour in images in Google+ Hangouts – perfect if you haven't tired of Draw Something yet and want to see your mates trying to guess what on earth you're scribbling. Rounding out the line-up is +Aces Hangout – online poker where you'll need to work on your bluffing skills, Google Effects for sticking sunglasses and facial hair on each other and +Bravo Clubhouse Challenge, a pub quiz style pop culture test.

Convinced? The big G will welcome you to Google+ Hangouts with open arms. And maybe a moustache.

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