Google Chrome OS – more details released

Right on queue, Google unveiled its open-source Chrome OS operating system at an event at Google HQ yesterday, and with it, introduced a whole new OS

The big difference between Chrome OS and any other operating system out there is that Chrome is completely web-based, so all your programs, apps and content will be stored online, in the cloud.

Google says this will save users having to install and manage programs on their computer, and the hassle of constantly updating programs will be a thing of the past.

It also reckons that Chrome will be more secure than your average OS. Not only will it check its code every time you reboot, and repair itself if it senses something wrong, all applications are kept in their own "security sandbox" away from the rest of the operating system making it trickier for viruses to hack their way in to your PC.

Google's final boasting point about the OS comes in way of speed, and the news that the beta version of the OS is currently booting in 7 seconds – obviously helped by the fact you don't store anything actually on your computer so there's less to load. That's speedy to say the least.

We know Google is working with a number of big names to bring Chrome OS-packing hardware to the shelves, but when we'll see it is not yet clear.

Until we get more news, head over to the blog to check out a video from Google explaining more about the OS, and as always, let us know what you think to it below.

Via: Electricpig