Gmail app gets Notification Centre support in iOS

The big G finally delivers and reveals new long-awaited features for its iOS email app

Google has announced some new long-awaited features for its latest Gmail app update for iOS, the most prominent of which is support for Notification Centre integration.

This means that new email alerts can now be displayed in the iOS Notification Centre banner, as well as in alert popups and on the lockscreen. As if that wasn't enough, notifications will also now be five times faster.

You'll also now be able to send emails from alternative email addresses within the Gmail app, and the login process has also been improved with no more repetitive logins required. You stay signed in until you logout – just the way it should be.

That's it for this update, but Google has stated that we can look forward to more features in future, including support for multiple accounts, so stay tuned.

[Gmail Blog via BGR]

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