Gift Guide – Blu-ray box sets

Give the gift of high-definition cinematic goodness with the best of the year's Blu-ray box sets

Star Wars: The Complete Saga


Nine discs, six films, one enthralling universe, and about a million different versions released to date – all to line George Lucas’ pockets. But this is the best version yet, with the original films looking fantastic in HD (though the less said about the added effects, the better). Alright, that’s a bit negative – but let's be honest, we're all going to buy it anyway.

The Pacific and Band of Brothers Complete Collection


For once the ailing HMV has undercut Amazon and Play with an amazing combination of The Pacific and Band of Brothers on Blu-ray for a mere £37. The beach invasion at Normandy, the battle of the Tenaru or that mortar scene in the frozen woods of Russia – all need to be seen and heard in Blu-ray HD. Perfect for the armchair soldier in your family.

The Lord of the Rings Trilogy – The Extended Edition


With The Hobbit trailer recently unleashed, it’s time to swot up on Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings films as soon as possible. A mere two notes with the Queen’s pretty face will get you the full 12-odd hours of Middle-Earth action – with those stunning sweeping shots of the New Zealand landscape in HD, as they were meant to be seen. Warning: this may make the wait until next December for The Hobbit even tougher.


Harry Potter: The Complete 8-Film Collection


From his pudgy-faced Quidditch-fumbling days right up to his snake taming latter years – all of Harry Potter’s adventures are here in HD, and yet the seven discs will only cost you £35. Why not give a little more dosh to J.K. Rowling? She probably needs it to pay her servants that million pound bonus.


Rio and Ice Age 3D


Christmas is going to mean sitting through kid’s films to keep the whole family happy – so do it on your own terms. If you have to watch a blue bird or an extinct creature flap about on your 50-inch plasma, why not do it in glorious high definition 3D? This double-pack of animated adventures is one of the few 3D Blu-ray box sets in the UK right now, so at that price it's a bargain – and the kids will love it.

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