This giant spider proves that nothing can ever look bad in Lego

Even arachnophobes will take a moment to admire the fine brickwork, before running for the hills screaming
This giant spider proves nothing can ever look bad in LEGO

Lego maestro Imagine Rigney strikes again with his crafty hands, building brick fact from film fiction.

This tricked-out tarantula is based on the spider-like contraption from Wild Wild West (it's nature's deadliest predator). You know... that Will Smith film? Even if you've repressed the memory, it’s okay, just take your time to weep at the beauty that is this. And when your tears have dried, head over here to open the floodgates again.

Unfortunately, this steampunk spider isn't an official Lego set, so you can't pop down to the shops and buy it. But hey, that's the beauty of Lego: you can build your own.

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[Source: Leg Godt]