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Get money for your smartphone snaps with Foap

New iPhone app lets you turn your snaps into stock photos – and then into lovely, lovely cash

Your smartphone snaps could be making you money. Okay, not your pics of your friends drunkenly attempting the Macarena — but you can turn your artier efforts into cash with the help of stock photo app Foap.

Launched in the UK this week, Foap lets you upload your pics to its marketplace, add tags and sell them on for $10 (£6.40) a pop. Foap takes a 50% cut of your earnings, but the rest is all yours.

You get to pick whether they’ll be used for editorial or commercial use; the only restriction is that you can’t upload photos with Instagram filters. So no, your Polaroid-style snaps of your breakfast won’t be making you any money.

If you want to get started, head on over to Foap.com to register for the service, and download the app here.

[via Wired]

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