Geek credit cards that make our world go round

Goodbye savings, hello Bank of Geek. With cards like these, you'll always want to pay the bill

What if there was a better way to pledge your geek allegiance than a hackneyed t-shirt. Inspired by the Barclays Personalised Card Designer, we've mocked up five debit cards you can carry at all times. You might even get a discount from a like-minded waiter...


This card has wireless capabilities, more than can be said for the computers that originally ran MS-DOS. It also probably won't crash when you try to make a payment.

Circuit board

Pay homage to the innards of your PC – and to the likes of Raspberry Pi – with this electrifying design. If you knew what you were doing, and felt like earning some bonus geek points, you could even solder a couple of components to it.

ZX Spectrum

Demonstrate moves from ZX classic Barbarian on the next person who tells you they like your Pink Floyd credit card. Losers.

The Batcard

Probably one of the only cool things about the Batman & Robin film – other than Arnie's Mr Freeze – was the hilarious appearance of Batman's own-brand credit card. We'd rather be reminded of Tim Burton's Batman, so we've swapped out the gaudy Schumacher logo for the classier 1989 version.

The Joker   

If you're more of a Clown Prince of Crime than a Caped Crusader, how about slapping this Joker design – as used by Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight – onto your credit card. Why so serious?

Back to back

Hand over this card to your shop assistant and laugh at their confusion as they try to work out which side is which. You card, you.

Mobile payments

Having an Apple credit card is naff. But having an Apple credit card with the old logo, toned in 'Apple II beige'? Your round.

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