Gadget of the Day – Wiki MP3 Alarm Clock

Getting up in the morning can be a tortuous enough process without your alarm clock scaring the PJs off you when it sounds its apocalyptic siren.We bl

We bleary-eyed Stuffers like choice and hate mornings. The Wiki MP3 Alarm Clock promises to help on both counts.

It perches on your bedside table next to your glass of water, looking just like an old-school wind-up clock. But instead of a retro clanging bell you'll be awakened by your favourite MP3s

Just plug it into your PC via the included USB cable and browse through a library of different alarms, load up your favourite Botox Cowboys track or even sounds you've recorded yourself. The possibilities are endless.

The alarms can then be set to play on repeat, one by one or random order. We'll be setting ours to 'alarm clock bells' on repeat. How very postmodern of us.


Wiki MP3 Alarm Clock

Price: £19.99

On sale: Now

Contact: Thumbs Up UK