Gadget of the Day – R2D2 projection alarm clock

R2D2 has been showing up in kinds of gadgety guises over the past couple of years, from top–notch projectors to terribly low–rent USB keys

But for those who can’t lash out on the R2 picture beamer or are overburdened with USB keys, there’s always this projection alarm clock instead.

Beaming out the time rather than a ropey shot of Princess Leia bleating on about something or other, this little ‘droid will wake you up and prepare you for a day which hopefully won’t involve you losing your hand or finding out your old man’s a megalomaniac.

It’s yours now for just under £25. A bargain if you ask us.


R2D2 projection alarm clock

Price: £24.95

On sale: Now

Contact: Firebox