Gadget of the Day: KeyShark USB

The KeyShark USB plugs into your computer at one end, and your keyboard at the other. Then it just sits there, surreptitiously recording every single

According to its makers, possible applications include monitoring children's internet activity, monitoring staff activity and finding out useful information. Like other people's passwords, perhaps?

The little guy will sit there happily and tuck away over a year's worth of data on its 4MB internal memory, and doesn't need any external power. It'll work with any USB keyboard and there's also a PS/2 version available.

While we can't think of many innocent reasons for using a KeyShark, at least you know it's out there. So it's probably best to keep an eye on your keyboard cable from now on, just in case you're being sharked...


USB KeyShark

Price: £49.99

On sale: Now

Contact: Thumbs Up UK