Gadget of the Day – aXbo Sleep Phase Alarm Clock

Unless you're one of those crazy morning types, getting woken up by a blaring alarm has to be up there as one of the least enjoyable things of your da

Luckily aXbo's Sleep Phase Alarm Clock is on your side, and is designed to wake you up at your optimal wake up time, so getting out of bed is as pain-free as possible.

As you sleep, you move through periods of light and deep sleep, with around three to five cycles in a night. Being woken up during a deep sleep will cause that grogginess that makes you want to stay put, but waking up during a light sleep phase will make it easier to pull back the covers and get yourself out of bed.

All you need to do is wear a wirelessly connected wristband and you'll be woken up at your optimal time in the last 30 minutes before you set your alarm.

The aXbo alarm clock also comes with extra functionality including the ability to wake up two people independently of each other, specially developed sounds to fall asleep to, and a connection to your computer to allow you to view you personalised sleep data.

The clock is available to buy now for £179 – keep it locked to for a review very shortly.