Gadget of the Day – Arcam FMJ CD17

Do you still treasure your CDs and stubbornly refuse to be dragged into the download era? Well then, Steam-Powered Sally, this news is for you.Arcam h

Arcam has just released its 'affordable high-end' 24-Bit CD player, the FMJ CD17 which replaces its DiVA Hi-Fi range and promises to bring new life to those prized CDs.

It even comes with 'Mask of Silence' and 'Stealth Mat EMC damping' which cut down electronic interference, meaning that your CDs sound their detailed best. Meanwhile, the 'SDS damped-steel low-resonance chassis' keeps vibration to a minimum, so your player keeps spinning CDs for years to come.

It comes with a five year guarantee and is available in black or silver. If you're looking for a full setup it will pair beautifully with the matching Arcam FMJ A18 amplifier.


Arcam FMJ CD17, A18

Price: £500, 450

On sale: Now

Contact: Arcam